House extension types

Any construction work on your home takes careful consideration and extensive planning to ensure that the added space provides the layout and required end result. Particularly when building a home extension, factors such as the desired use of the room, flow from and to the existing property and the impact the extension will have on the surrounding land and adjoining or neighbouring properties all need to be factored in.

House extensions come in all shapes and sizes; however, will fit into the following main categories:

1 – Side extension

For period terrace or semi-detached house layouts that have retained their original layout, it is often the case that the rear projection results in a side redundant strip of land.

Many homeowners opt to extend the kitchen into the side return; therefore, reclaiming this often redundant space to create an open-plan kitchen and family room without sacrificing too much of the garden.

In some cases this type of build could fall within permitted development, meaning full planning permission is not required; however, all extensions need approval under building regulations.

2 – Rear extension

Whether the extension is single or double-storey, this type of extension goes along the back of the property, projecting out into the garden.  A popular type of extension due to the fact it can be easily incorporated into many different types of properties.

3 – Wrapped extension

A wrapped extension runs across the side elevation and back of the property and can be either single or two storey.  Creating an L shape this type of extension is traditionally seen on period properties that have redundant space to the back of their property. This dead space, common on Victorian buildings, allows you to extend to both the side and to the back, wrapping around the existing building.

This type of extension can provide a multitude of layout options and generally offers increased garden access depending on the plans.


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