Why it pays to use a project manager

A rise in home TV programmes showcasing the homeowner getting fully involved in their home extension, renovation or new build project could lead individuals to think that there is no need for a professional project manager and that this role can be undertaken by themselves?  What could a project manager add when you the homeowner knows the project so well?

Consider these points:

  • Budgeting & financial control – The budget is critical for any home building project.  One of the project manager’s key skills and responsibilities is to ensure the project cost is accurate and keeps to the plan.  If for any reason there is an alteration to the building plan, then the manager can call upon their experience and knowledge of the project to manage and avoid any unecessary cost implications.
  • Experience & knowledge – It is likely that alterations will be made throughout the project.  The professional project manager will be able to provide immediate advice and solutions saving time and money.
  • Point of contact – A building project consists of a number of stakeholders including the homeowner, architect (if utilised), surveyor, building team, finishing team.  The project manager is responsible for knitting these teams together and acting as the main spokesperson, a project manager’s phone never stops!
  • Daily site management – The manager will regularly be on-site supervising and coordinating the team working on the project. Knowledge transfer needs to take place throughout the project. This means that the individual contractors will tell the manager daily what they have done, any problems they think have arisen, and if they think that they can solve these.
  • Health & safety management – The project manager ensures all health and safety issues are being adhered to, and should there be any accidents on site that they are dealt with according to regulations, and reported to the appropriate people.

Utilising a project manager may initially feel like an added expense to your build; however, a small investment compared to the overall project cost and they will no doubt save the homeowner a whole lot of stress.

To get your home building project underway, whether it’s an extension, renovation or new build project get in touch with a member of our team who will happily discuss your project with you.

They provided a very detailed quote so we were confident from the outset as to the scope of the work that was covered. Any adjustment thereafter was clearly communicated. They liaised autonomously with our architect and engineer when any clarifications were required. After the works were completed they were responsive to any snags that needed to be addressed.