Introducing Upright Architects

Who are Upright Architects?

Upright Architects are a new established architectural practice based in the heart of Reigate, Surrey. We specialise in residential projects: from internal layout reconfigurations and extensions to one-off houses and developments. Our focus is providing a bespoke service to every client, providing advise and guiding them throughout the process – from conception to completion.

Introducing Callum- (A picture of Callum would be ideal)

Callum is a registered ARB and RIBA chartered Architect. He has 8 years’ experience in the residential sector including 5 years with MortonScarr Architects and 2 years with Trombe Ltd. His portfolio ranges from multi-storey home layout reconfigurations, single storey extensions, one-off homes, and medium density residential developments.

His approach to design is to strip away preconceptions and work from the base requirements of the spaces as identified by the client during the briefing period. He likes to get to know clients on an individual basis. Through this process he is able to deliver creative and bespoke solutions to the brief. He is a strong advocate of quality of space over quantity of space and often finds the most interesting and successful designs involve rationalising the existing spaces. His eye for detail and creative abilities, plus his experience in the sector, allow him to deliver concise and accurate designs that meets current regulations and requirements.

What will Callum bring to the table that will set him apart from other architectural firms?

Callum offers free consultations to engage with the clients gaging an idea of what work they would like done. He notes that the projects are designed through a partnership between him and the client; working closely together to actualise the project. He will advise them on specifics in relation to their build that will give the client an accurate understanding of what to expect from Upright Architects.

The relationship with Upright Construction

Having a great relationship with Upright Construction helps provide our clients with confidence as they know exactly what is happening throughout the duration of the build and can gain almost immediate feedback on a design decision in relation to cost and timeframes. The synergy between the two companies throughout the design process results a proactive approach allowing the client to be highly informed and flexible: before, during, and after the build.

The image below illustrates what Upright Architects can offer showing the attention to detail in their designs.

Image here….

What you will get with Upright Architects


– Flexibility- going the extra mile

-Synergy from design to the build.

-Bespoke and well thought out designs

-Cost efficient

-A personal service unique to your requirements

Utilize Professionals

Our relationship with Upright Construction enables clear communication from the early design stages up to construction. This leads to a greater understanding of the project and a knowledge of the history of the design which can be imperative to providing solutions on site. The connection we have as companies provides an easier solution for you and your build, increasing cost efficiency and maximising your homes full potential.

To make this a reality please contact or call 01737 2455040.

We hired Upright as a contractor to build a rear extension to allow for an open plan kitchen/dining room. We changed the internal reconfiguration of the house which included adding an additional snug to the living room, creating the perfect family environment.  Along with the open plan kitchen/dining room we added additional utility room next to it. I couldn’t recommend the Upright Property Group more, the services they offer from architectural to the build phase is second to none.

Rebecca Findlay