Why are material prices increasing?

Why is the building industry experiencing such high demand?

The construction sector contributes to 6% of our GDP, with 77% reported delays for materials and price increases across the country. This is the fastest rise in 24 years in the construction industry with a significant increase in commercial work around the Surrey region.

Suppliers are failing to keep up with the demand resulting in persistent delays with materials being dispatched to consumers. These long wait times cause a pull back for developers and construction businesses, due to the construction being delayed forcing it to go behind schedule, potentially leading to client discontent.

How does the Upright way overcome these difficult situations?

Upright Construction aims to order materials early so our suppliers such as Lakers and Lawsons have two weeks’ notice so they can plan delivery propositions to make the process successful. Upright will then arrange contractors, to coordinate with the delivery date so no build time is being wasted. With our philosophy of putting our clients first, we create their personal long-term vision and make it a reality, ensuring our clients have ultimate satisfaction when the build is completed.

Simply put what has changed and why are inflation rates rising?

-Material Availability (56%)

-Supply Chain delays (17%)

-Material prices increases (15%)

-Labour Availability (6%)

With these limits, it is difficult for construction companies and property developers to complete projects on time as constant delays with suppliers causes problems for them. Upright Construction will have scheduled contractors for each day on site, but if materials are delayed then the work will be behind which will slow the build down.

Utilize Professionals

At Upright Construction our diverse and unique team will guide you to achieve your dream home. With a credible network of contractors, our dependable team ensures you discover your homes full potential.

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