About Us

Turning Your Build Vision Into Reality

Upright Property Group are a trusted provider of upscale property developments in the Surrey and Sussex region. Established in 2021, we work closely with Upright Architects as well as other local architect firms to create captivating designs for the sites we acquire.  By incorporating design and build contracts, we ensure a seamless and efficient construction process for our valued clients.

At Upright Property Group, we foster close collaborations with construction and architectural experts. This interconnected network allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive plans that guarantee the viability of their projects. By leveraging the expertise of skilled tradesmen from Upright Construction, we guarantee exceptional results, delivering projects to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Our Core Values

Upright Property Group places great importance on the value of long-term relationships with suppliers, subcontractors, and employees. We believe that cultivating an environment of trust and cooperation is essential for our business to flourish.  To acknowledge and appreciate our dedicated staff, we host special events or activities every quarter to celebrate their outstanding contributions.

Our Journey

We have come a long way on our journey to success since 2010 by two visionary individuals, marked the beginning of our venture in the construction sector. Over time, our company has evolved while upholding the same founding principles. Today, Upright Property Group stands as our dedicated entity for exceptional property development, with the management of the other three businesses entrusted to our capable new team.

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