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We specialise in residential projects: from internal layout reconfigurations and extensions to one-off houses and developments. Our focus is providing a bespoke service to every client, providing advise and guiding them throughout the process – from conception to completion.

Our Process


The stages explained below;

Upright Architects follows the design process set out by the RIBA Plan of Work. This is the industry’s standard model and divides the design preparation into several stages. We typically use Stages 0-4, and can provide stage 5 if required.

Stage 0: Strategic Definition

Following your initial enquiry, we will send through our briefing document for you to complete and return. This will form the basis of the brief. Once received, we will then visit the house / site and discuss the project at length, whilst referring to the brief and expanding / adjusting where necessary.

Once we have a confirmed brief, we can then provide a fee proposal for the feasibility designs, plus an estimated fee for the latter stages.

Stage 1: Feasibility Design

We will dissect your brief and generate different solutions that fulfil the ambitions for your home. We will produce annotated sketch layout options and discuss the designs with you. Following the design meeting, Upright Construction will provide a rough cost estimate based off the preferred option.

We will leave you to deliberate the designs and formally feedback via email. The brief will be updated, and we can continue to Stage 2.

Stage 2: Concept Design

Next, we will make any revisions to the layout design from the feedback and then focus on the external look of the proposal, considering the different materials, roofscapes, and window / door design. We will present a few options at the end of the stage for you to consider. Upright Construction will then update their estimate from the more developed design.

Again, we will leave you to deliberate the designs and formally feedback. Any revisions will be noted, and we can continue to Stage 3.

Stage 3: Planning

This is the stage where we will prepare and submit the planning application. We will make any amendments to the design and prepare the planning documents. We will also advise if any further consultants are required for the application and will liaise with them on your behalf. We will then collate all information for the application and send through to you for sign-off, after which we will submit.

Once the application has been determined, we will review the approvals and any conditions. Then we can continue to Stage 4.

Stage 4: Technical Design

Once the approvals are in place, we will begin the technical design of the project. An additional layer of detail and annotations will be added to the drawings to satisfy building control and to provide accurate information for construction. We will collate the information from other consultants, e.g.  structural engineer, landscape designer, M&E engineer, and produce a concise package of drawings and documents. We will then review in detail with yourself prior to submitting the building control application.

Once we have received the notes back from the building control officer, we will make amendments to the design and pass back to Upright Construction’s estimating team. They will then provide their detailed quote for the build.

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    “Recently finished a large double-story extension and full refurbishment throughout the existing property and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Upright. From the start we received a comprehensive, detailed and easy to understand quote, then a fully professional service. Even with the challenges of COVID and material shortages Upright managed to bring in the project on-time and on budget. Great work all round!”

    Mr & Mrs Hawkins